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Why Christmas is celebrated on 25 December

December 25 is celebrated all over the world as Christmas Day. It is also called Bada Din. On Christmas day and pray in church and celebrate by giving gifts to near and dear ones. Also on Christmas Day children are given gifts in socks. Home made cakes are made at family get-togethers.  Here are some very special things related to Christmas.

Why do we celebrate Christmas? (Why Christmas is celebrated?)

Christmas is celebrated in the joy of the birth of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is called Son of God. Christmas was also named after Christ.

Why is Christmas celebrated on the 25th December?

No birth date of Jesus has been given in the Bible, but still every year on December 25, Christmas is celebrated. There was also controversy on this date many times. But in the era of the first Christian Roman Emperor of Rome in 336 BC, the first Christmas was celebrated on December 25. A few years later, Pope Julius announced officially the birth of Jesus on December 25.

Christmas Tree Story

Christmas tree originated in northern Europe thousands of years ago. During that time, this winter festival was celebrated by decorating a tree named ‘Fir’. Apart from this, people used to decorate the twigs of the cherry plant during Christmas time. The people who could not afford these plants used to celebrate Christmas by decorating pyramidal shaped wood. Gradually the Christmas tree trend picked up everywhere and now everybody brings this tree to their house on Christmas occasions and decorates it with candy, chocolates, toys, lights, bales and gifts.

Secret Santa and Secret Santa gifts Story

According to popular stories, in the fourth century there was a man named St. Nicholas in Myara (now in Turkey) Asia Minor. Who was very rich, but his parents had died. He always helped the poor quietly. Trying to make them happy them by giving secret gifts.

One day Nicholas came to know that a poor man who has three daughters, did not have enough money for their wedding. Know this thing Nicholas came to help this man. One night he approached the chimney in the roof of this man’s house and put a bag full of gold from there. During this time this poor man had put his stock in the fireplace to dry.

In this socks, suddenly a bag full of gold dropped in his house. This happened not once but three times. In the last time this man saw Nicolas. Nicholas asked him to not tell anyone. But soon news spread to everyone. From that day whenever anyone received a secret gift, everyone believed it to have given by Nicholas.

Gradually this story of Nicholas became popular. Because on Christmas day it is customary to give gifts to children. That is why the UK, in particular, made the basis of St. Nicholas Story in England, and he was named Father Christmas and Old Man Christmas. After this, the tradition of giving gifts in socks, that is, Secret Santa, went ahead all over the world on Christmas Day.

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