‘Yellow Vest’ protests reach Belgium, Netherlands

The ‘Yellow West’ movement of the people against the increase in fuel tax in France’s capital Paris, has become widespread. These protests have now reached Belgium and the Netherlands. Tension between police and ‘Yellow West’ protesters clashed on Saturday, after which the police used tear gas on the protesters. After meeting with the Home Ministry officials, Prime Minister Edward Philippe said that till now 481 people have been arrested. 200 people were arrested on Saturday itself. The government is afraid that protests can be strong and furious in the days to come.
On Saturday protesting against the government, about 5,000 protesters gathered in the heart of Paris city. In view of protests, about 8,000 officers and 12 armed vehicles have been deployed in Paris. In the wake of security, about 90,000 security forces have been deployed across the country. On the other hand President Emmanuel Macron has not made any concrete decision yet to stop the movement. Protesters are protesting against the government, with the slogan ‘Macron resign’. High alerts have been issued due to extensive protests in Paris.

What is the ‘Yellow Vest’ Protest?

There is a lot of anger among the general public about the rising fuel prices in France. For this, these people are directly blaming French President Macron. In protest against this, the ‘Yellow West’ movement was launched on social media in October. Since these protesters are agitating after wearing a yellow jacket, they have been named ‘Yellow Vest’.

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