21 year old runs over New Year revelers in Tokyo

In Tokyo, there was a tragic incident during New Year’s celebrations. Where on the eve of New Year a young man crushed the crowd of celebrating people by car. 9 people were injured in this accident, in which the condition of one is being stated as serious. It is being told that the youth deliberately drove his car on the crowd.

A spokesman of the police told that 21-year-old Kazuhiro Kusakabe, 21, at Tokyo’s Takeshita Street, drove a car on the people with the intention of taking their life. According to the national broadcaster NHK, Kusakabe has told the police that he took this step against the death penalty.

According to the police, a college student has also been seriously injured in the attack, his surgery is underway. Meanwhile, the police arrested Kusakabe in suspicion of attempted murder. According to the local media, Kusakabe hit all the nine people standing on the road by car, at that time the traffic signal was red, due to which traffic was stopped. Takeshita Street is full of small shops and is considered a center of youth culture and fashion in Japan, which attracts thousands of international tourists every day.

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