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27 year old makes $10 million from video game

Sometimes you will be scolded by your parents when playing video games. Many times you might have been punished but this video game can make you a millionaire as well. America’s Tyler Blevins has earned $ 10 million (about $ 70 million) in the year 2018 through a video game. People also know him by the name of the ninja. So let us know how Tyler earns money from a video game.
First of all tell you that Tyler is earning the most from youtube and twitch (a platform for video). Tyler Blevins is just 27 years old and he has also created a gaming company called Epic Games. According to media reports, last year, Blevins has made a profit of $ 3 billion (about Rs 20,000 crore).
The fate of Blevins changed for the good when he appeared in a live video with rap singer Drake in March 2018. More than 6 million people watched this video. This was the time when Tyler became an internet sensation social media.
After this he prepared the game Fortnight. Let us know that 200 million people play this game. Today, on Tyler’s YouTube channel, which has more than 20 million subscribers, and that’s where he earns a lot from advertising. Tyler is also a professional video player.
Apart from this, Tyler also earns a lot of money from companies like Samsung. Talking about twitch, Tyler has over 100,000 followers who give money to watch his video. Every month people give about $ 4.99 i.e. about 346 rupees.

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