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Cathay Pacific business class ticket worth $16000 sold for $675

Cathay Pacific Airways Limited has sold its $ 16,000 (Rs. 11,20,240) ticket by mistake for $ 675 (Rs 47253).

Cathay Pacific Airways, one of the biggest international companies to fly internationally, sold business class tickets at the rate of economy class. Soon after, the airline company told the passengers who bought tickets about their mistake.

A phone call went from the company to the passenger and he was told that he has booked a business class ticket from Vietnam to New York that costs Rs 11,20,240. Cathay Pacific Airways is not giving an immediate reply whether it will validate these tickets or not.

Cathay Airways is competing with China and many of its budget airlines. Last year, information about 94 lakh passengers leaked from Cathay Airway computer system. By that mistake the airline company was recovering, then the price became a big mistake.

It has happened before

Even before this, this kind of goof-up has happened before. In 2014, Singapore Airlines made a similar mistake. After this, Hong Kong Airlines Ltd had  this mistake last year and sold economy seat for the price of for the price of Business class. Both companies recognized these tickets. Both the airlines did not share this information on how many people bought tickets at a lower price. But Cathay Airlines has informed that on December 31, some business class tickets for the flight from Vietnam under the offer have been sold for the economy class.

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