CBI raids premises of IAS officer B.Chandrakala

On the directions of the Allahabad High Court, the CBI teams investigating the mining scam in Uttar Pradesh today scanned 12 locations in the country today. In the same episode, Hamirpur District Magistrate has been running a fast track and  the investigations were done at the residence of  a very active IAS officer B. Chandrakala.The CBI officers who came out of the proceedings did not talk to the media in this regard.

In Lucknow, a team of CBI investigated her residence for about two and a half hours. At that time B. Chandrakala was not in her residence. The CBI has searched the closed house from around 10:30 am. After this, when the team came out at one o’clock in the afternoon, they had quite a few documents. B. Chandrakala returned to her native cadre ie Uttar Pradesh in May this year. They have accommodation in the Safari Apartment near the Yojna Bhawan in Lucknow. 2008 batch IAS officer B Chandrakala resides in a flat of Safariar Apartment on Havelock road in Lucknow. The CBI team raided this house.
In the case of illegal mining in Hamirpur, the CBI raided the Lucknow residence of Chandrakala. The team has seized several important documents in the house. B. Chandrakala’s posting was done at the post of Hamirpur District Magistrate during Akhilesh Yadav’s government . It is alleged that the IAS had leased the 50 sites of mining in Hamirpur district after July 2012. There was a provision for acceptance on the sites, through e-tender, but B. Chandrakala ignored all the provisions. It is believed that the CBI raided the house in relation to crores of mining scam. B. Chandrakala is considered to possess very dynamic image and has a huge following on social sites. In December last, she had posted her selfies on social media during the Lucknow metro journey, which gathered a lot of attention.
B. Chandrakala is a resident of Karimnagar in Telangana and is a 2008 batch cadre IAS officer. She has always been inpublic eyes for her work.
Chandrakala has been a DM of Hamirpur and Bulandshahr and is accused of illegal mining site allocation while being the DM. It was during the Awadh mining scam of Akhilesh Yadav’s government. With this raid, Akhilesh Yadav’s problems can also increase. The court had ordered an inquiry into the matter.

During the raid, the CBI has taken over many important documents. Chandrakala is charged when she was District Magistrate (DM) of Hamirpur district, during which time she had allotted 50 mining leases, whereas for this it was the rule of giving tender first. In this case, a petition was filed in the High Court in 2015, after which the court had canceled all the leases issued in Hamirpur & declared them invalid.

The CBI raided the house of MLC Ramesh Mishra’s brother mining contractor Dinesh Mishra at the block house of Kidwai Nagar at 8 in the morning. After about three hours of stay here, the CBI team reached the house of SP MLC Ramesh Mishra, located at Y Block. The MLC was not found here, while inquiring with the relatives in the house. After this, the team again reached Ramesh Mishra’s house at around 2:00 pm. After a thorough investigation here, the team went to around three o’clock. It is being told that the CBI’s 13-member team has taken a bag from the house of mining businessman Dinesh’s house.

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