Mysterious object found flying above the skies in New Zealand

The mystery remains still about an object spotted in New Zealand’s skyline for some time in the evening. A lot of it was written on many social media and many photos and videos were posted. After this, nothing clear has been said yet. Just one day ago, in the skies above Whangarai, New Zealand, a shiny thing appeared. Someone called it UFO or flying saucer while others said something else. However, experts believe that it was part of Russia’s satellite that has gone beyond its control. It was seen for a few seconds in the sky.

Part of satellite

Most Space Experts are also treating it as part of the Russian satellite. According to them, it was a Russian missile defense satellite that had gone out of control. After entering the Earth’s atmosphere, it appeared like a fast fireball and disappeared after some time. According to Space Scientist Professor Richard Esther, it could be part of Russia’s Cosmos 2430 satellite. This satellite was released to counter US missile attack in 2007. It was a part of Russia’s Space Force’s Oko program. This satellite was launched specifically to prevent missile released through optical telescopes and infrared sensors. After May 2012, this satellite had stopped working and it was out of control. Two days ago it was seen in the New Zealand sky.

Two tons weight Satellite

Professor Esther is the head of the physical department in the University of Auckland. According to him, many other such satellites were also left from Russia to strengthen its security from the United States. They say that this satellite was weighing about two tons. At the moment, there is no information that the shining thing had fallen on the ground in New Zealand or burned up in the sky. Scientists also say that such a space junk is quite dangerous. There is a lot of caution in finding or recovering them.

Every year there are such incidents

According to Professor Esther, many such incidents occur every year in which broken parts of the satellite are visible in this way. A similar part of another Russian satellite Cosmos 954 was dropped in Canada in January 1978. Actually, it all happened when the satellite had entered the Earth’s atmosphere. It split at that time and since it contained radioactive substances, the scope of its discovery was around 2.5 million square kilometers. Its discovery was started on air and on land. In 1978 it was discovered in three stages, which lasted almost the whole year. During this time, ten large pieces of satellite were discovered.

International rules related to such incident

According to the 1972 Space Liability Convention, whatever country sends the satellite to space, it is also responsible for the accidents caused by it in the future. In a situation where the satellite falls in another country, its expenditure can be demanded from the concerned country. At the same time, Canada had sent Russia the amount spent to find the pieces of Cosmos 954, which was about C $ 6,041,174.70. The then Soviet Union paid C $ 3 million to Canada at that time.

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