Pestleweed School molestation case: School tried to end case for Rs 25 lakh says family of victim

In the case of molestation of a student based in a school in Dehradun Mussoorie Road, the family of the victim revealed that now the management is accused of pressurizing them into settling the case. The family members of the victim’s students have alleged that the manager of the school came to their house and pressurized them to end the trial at Rs 25 lakhs. In the case, they have complained to the SSP. On this, the SSP has instructed the school manager not to contact the student or her family. School Manager also met SSP on Monday.

It is noteworthy that last month a schoolgirl accused the swimming coach (teacher) of Pestleweed School of molesting and misbehaving with her. In this case Rajpur police arrested him after registering a case against the accused teacher. In the case, the victim’s family had a series of allegations against the police through a press conference. It was said that the name of the accused was not told to anyone and he was quietly sent to jail intentionally.

Manager describes the allegations leveled as baseless

In the past, the Child Rights Protection Commission also took cognizance of the matter and examined it. Here, the victim’s family reached the SSP office on Monday and accused the manager of offering Rs 25 lakhs to end the case. The family said that he said,” take this amount and finish the matter.”

This way they are being harassed too much. With this, manager Prem Kashyap also met SSP on Monday. On this, SSP Nivedita Kukrati told the manager that she will not go to the student’s house. If they have anything to talk about, they can do correspondence for it. After strict instructions in the words, the two sides left the office. In this case Prem Kashyap has described the allegations leveled against him as baseless.

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