Uber cabbie guilty of killing 6 people blames Satan for crime

An Uber Cab driver has accepted the charge of killing 6 people in the court. The driver can be sentenced to life imprisonment. The driver shot at eight people in three places, two of whom escaped. This case is from Michigan in United States of America. According to the police, the driver said that theĀ  devil was controlling him through the app and also ordered to kill the people. A 48-year-old driver named Jason Dalton accepted his crime during a hearing in a US court on Monday. In February 2016, he attacked people near an apartment building, a restaurant and a car dealership. Among them, 4 women, a man and a 17 year old teenager were killed. Once during a court hearing, when a victim was keeping his side, the driver started shouting. After this the authorities took him out of the court. Abby Koff had been badly injured for 15 years in the shootout. His head was fractured. Later he was rescued by plating a plastic plate.

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