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116 year old from Japan becomes world’s oldest surviving person

Guinness World Records was awarded the title of the world’s oldest surviving person to a 116-year Japanese on Saturday. Guinness World Records officially recognized this record in the name of Kane Tanaka at a ceremony on Saturday. The ceremony was organized in a nursing home in Fukuoka, Southwest Japan.

Her family members and mayor were also present to celebrate. Tanaka was born on 2 January 1903. She was the seventh of eight children of her parents. She married Hideyo Tanaka in 1922. They had four children. She also adopted a child. Se gets up at six in the morning and has a liking for mathematics.

Earlier, the oldest surviving person was the name of another Japanese girl named Chiyo Miyako, who died in July last year at the age of 117.

Japan’s people usually have a long life span and they dominate the list of the oldest. Regardless of the change in food habits or obesity across the globe, it is still rare in Japan. In the culinary tradition of Japanese, fish, rice, vegetables and low fat foods have been given more preference.

Tanaka has to spend many more years to become the Jeanne Louise Calment. According to the Guinness World Record, this record is named after French woman Jeanne Louis Kalam, who was 122 years old.

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