80 people injured in Japan after boat collides with ‘marine creature’

A boat collided with a sea creature on the northwestern coast of Japan. After which it turned upside down At least 80 people were injured in this accident. It is being told that the boat was in high speed. The injured were admitted to the hospital.

It is being told that there were 121 passengers in the boat. Including four crew members. The condition of five in the injured is critical, who have been admitted to the hospital from the airlift. According to the local media, the incident happened after Saturday afternoon. A collision with the sea creature caused a 15-centimeter crack in the boat.

According to the local media, the boat was carrying 121 passengers from the Nagata port of Honshu. Four crew members were present in the boat. When the boat was going, a sea creature attacked the passengers. Of which at least 80 people were injured. Right now the matter is being investigated.

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