College students arrested for playing PUBG

In Rajkot, Gujarat, 10 students of a college were arrested only because they were playing online games PUBG in public place. It is being told that a notice has been issued to ban PUBG for five days in many districts of Gujarat, under which this action has been taken.

This is the first arrest in this case till now. The police say that they want to give a strong message that the notice to ban the PUBG is not just a piece of paper. This is misleading the students of the country. Therefore, we are taking strict steps to make people aware.

Currently, the arrested students have now been left on Bail. But people are very angry at this attitude of the government about PUBG. People say that it is a means of entertainment and it is wrong to ban it.

It is known that the Gujarat Government had been banned the online game PUBG a few days ago. A notice was issued instructing the Education Department of the state that if children play games or other addiction games in school, they should be told about their ill-effects and they should be counseled to get rid of this habit.

The Gujarat government says that so many cases have been reported so far which have caused accidents due to PUBG. Parents have been complaining constantly that due to this game there is a violent trend in children. Therefore it is necessary to ban it.

It is known that in the ‘Examination Discussion’ program a few months ago, PM Modi had asked the question of a guardian regarding PUBG that online games are also problem and there is a solution. But if we remove the child from technology then it will not be okay. It is not right to make distances from this. If parents take a little interest in their wards and encourage them to discuss while eating, it will be fine.

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