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Congress announces candidates for Lok Sabha elections in Uttarakhand

Congress party has declared its candidates for five parliamentary seats in Uttarakhand. Former Chief Minister and Congress General Secretary Harish Rawat will contest from Nainital seat, Ambrish Kumar from Haridwar seat, Manish Khanduri from Pauri seat, Rajya Sabha member Pradeep Tamta from Tehri seat and Pritam Singh from Almora seat. The names were finalized on Saturday late night from New Delhi on Saturday. All Congress candidates will file their nomination on March 25.

Congress had to work hard to announce the candidates. Especially for Nainital and Haridwar seats, it took a lot of time to decide. In the above two seats, the decision was stuck on former Chief Minister Harish Rawat. The state organization was advocating Rawat as a candidate from Haridwar constituency, while he himself was keen to contest from Nainital seat.

Eventually, the party high command stamped Harish Rawat’s decision. He has been declared as a candidate from Nainital Parliamentary Constituency. In support of Harish Rawat from contesting from Nainital seat, eight out of 11 MLAs from Uttarakhand had also met the party’s national general secretary KC Venugopal in Delhi. After getting green signal for Nainital, Ambrish Kumar has been declared as candidate for Haridwar seat. In the announcement of the candidates in Nainital and Haridwar, the Party High Command gave Harish Rawat a special attention. Indira Hridayesh, who was opposing him at Nainital, had to go back on the backfoot.

Earlier, on March 20, the names of the nominees were fixed on three seats in the state in the Central Election Committee meeting chaired by Rahul Gandhi. Among them, the consensus was made for theManish Khanduri, son of present BJP MP Maj Gen (retired) Bhuvan Chandra Khanduri, MP Pradip Tumta from Almora constituency and Pritam Singh as candidate for Tehri seat. Although the official announcement of the candidates in the five seats of Uttarakhand was done late on Saturday night.

The party has to face the most difficult ticket for Nainital and Haridwar seat. Former Chief Minister Harish Rawat had expressed his desire to contest the elections from Nainital seat instead of Haridwar seat. The party has fulfilled his request.

Congress Lok Sabha elections 2019 Uttarakhand candidates:

Nainital: Harish Rawat
Tehri Garhwal: Pritam Singh
Pauri Garhwal: Manish Khanduri
Haridwar: Ambrish Kumar
Almora: Pradeep Tamta

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