Entrepreneurship and Self Employment organized in Dehradun

Chief Minister Trivendra Singh Rawat said that the government is fully engaged in the realization of the dreams of the youth of the state.

Inaugurating the program ‘Yuva Uttarakhand: Entrepreneurship and Self Employment’ organized in Parade Ground, Dehradun on Wednesday, the Chief Minister said, “More than three lakh people have been given employment opportunities for direct and indirect employment in the 23-month period so far”. He also kept the achievements of the government. Simultaneously, while discussing the role of youth in the formation of new Uttarakhand, he invited suggestions from them. More than 10 thousand students gathered in the program, while students of 52 degree colleges and universities were also associated with video conferencing. During this, the Chief Minister also interacted with the youth. In addition, the launch of the Young Uttarakhand app was also done. Also Padmashree folk singer Pritam Bharatwana and a climber group were honored.

Chief Minister Rawat said that today’s day is historic. The government has taken the first step by launching ‘Yuva Uttarakhand: towards entrepreneurship and self-employment’ program and we continue to move forward. The government wants to involve the youth in the new Uttarakhand. “Send your suggestion to the state government through other mediums like Young India App, so that they can be used in the interest of the State.”

He said that we have brought the promises of government, transparency and corruption-free government, jobs and self-employment to the youth, on the ground. Referring to the Investor’s Summit, he said that the MoU had signed about 1.24 crore investment proposals. In the last four and a half months, more than 13 thousand crore work has started on the ground, with more than 20,000 jobs.

He said that in the wake of stopping migration from hills he stated projects in the fields of Pirul (pine leaves), Tourist Destination, Home Stay, self-employment, health, services sector, digital Uttarakhand, education, agriculture, co-operative schemes etc. from local resources. The CM also mentioned about two model schools to be opened for poor talented children in the state.

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