Israel carries out air strikes against terror camps

In response to the rocket launched in Tel Aviv, the Israeli army has targeted at least 100 militant hideouts in Gaza. The army said that sites linked to Hamas with the help of jets and helicopters were targeted. The Israeli Air Strike on Gaza has increased the fear of more tension in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

The blast was heard in the Gaza Strip on Friday, Palestinian witnesses said that Israeli planes bombarded Hamas security checkpoints.

It was told that four buildings being used by Hamas security forces were targeted. There is no news of any casualties in this air strike yet. As a precaution, the buildings have been evacuated.

The Israeli army said two rocket launchers were fired from the enclave in the Tel Aviv region. After that we attacked this on “terrorist sites” in Gaza. This air strike took place in southern Gaza, about 25 km from Gaza City.


Witnesses said the explosion was heard in Tel Aviv and the Iron Dome interceptor missiles were fired and exploded. However the army said that no rockets were dropped. Israeli security minister, Gilad Menashe Erdan, described Hamas as responsible for the attack on Tel Aviv.

He said, “It’s time to defeat Hamas. It’s time to weaken Hamas for the protection of Israeli citizens.”

Such rocket attacks are not generally done by the Islamic group Hamas who control this area, while it is said that attacks on the side of the fundamentalist group can be invoked. After the attack from Gaza, there have been three wars since 2008, after which Israel captured Hamas.

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