Massive fire breaks out in Haldwani mandi

A fire broke out at four warehouses at Haldwani Mandi on Friday night at 2 in the morning. In a very short time the fire took a vivid form. Millions of goods were burnt in the fire One person was burnt in the fire. The flames were so fierce that a car and bike were also torched in its grip. The reasons for the fire could not be ascertained.

In the market area suddenly there was a huge fire, the businessmen & traders present there reported it to the fire department. Mandi police reached the spot and called the fire brigade.

Due to the closure of the Western Gate by PRD jawans, the fire brigade’s vehicle reached there from the east gate after a ten minute delay. During this, the businessmen themselves were busy in extinguish the fire. One person was also scorched by fire. Meanwhile an alto car and bike caught fire.

Seeing the flames, everyone present there came into panic mode. However, later all the people were engaged in fire extinguishing. Traders say that information is not available on how the fire started.

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