Over a 1000 flights cancelled due to ‘Bomb Cyclone’ in US

Life is busy due to the bomb cyclone in America. The Meteorological Department has predicted wind speeds of 110 km / h. As a result, 1339 flights have been canceled. Keeping in view the safety of the people, government offices, schools and markets have also been closed.

Colorado Governor Jared Polis has declared an emergency in the wake of the storm. The National Weather Service has issued a warning to the people of Colorado, Wyoming, Nebraska and North-South Dakota. People have been told that if possible, do not get out of the house. Due to the storm, conditions are also bad in New Mexico, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Dallas (Texas), Michigan and Iowa.

Meteorologists say that the storm is a cyclone, which is also known as winter storm. When the barometric pressure falls 24 millibar in 24 hours, then it occurs.

The Denver Police Department has informed on Twitter that they have news of 125 traffic accidents. He police said people should be careful during the exit. Police have said that be careful while driving.There is a lot of snowfall on the roads and strong winds are making movement difficult. So keep your vehicle’s headlights.

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