Police conduct mock drill at IMA

To ensure safety of the citizens and to be on alert Dehradun police conducted a mock drill at IMA.

Mock Drill Scenario

Information was flashed from control room at around 6:30 in the morning on Saturday. It was reported that four terrorists have entered the IMA through the transport sector. They fired there while injuring a soldier and the Gentlemen entered the cadet mess and fired. On this information, IAS along with SSP Nivedita Kukrati, Superintendent of Police Shweta Chaubey, CO Dalanwala Jaya Bloony etc. Officers Uttarakhand ATS and QRT reached the IMA. CO Dalanwala was made an incident commander. Simultaneously, the entire campaign was run under the leadership of SP City Shweta Chaubey.

Police retaliated for about an hour. Army officers and soldiers surrounded the mess. Meanwhile, Uttarakhand ATS team was kept in reserve also. In this operation the police arrested all the four terrorists alive. In the firing, the injured jawan was admitted to the military hospital. During this mock drill, other hospitals besides Army Hospitals were also kept on alert mode. Superintendent of Police said that after this the camping was also done in the surrounding forests and all the force’s Deep Briefing was done. Earlier the police had conducted similar type of mock drill at Pacific Mall, Dehradun.

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