Rafale docs leaked not stolen says government

After creating sensation around the nation by saying before the Supreme Court that the documents related to Rafale were lost the government has changed its stance.

Central Government attorney general K.K. Venugopal, who had said in the open court about the documents related to the procedure of the Rafale Fighter Aircraft deal, has overturned it in response in a closed envelope. In this, Venugopal believed that the documents were not stolen but rather leaked. This is a case of leaking files.

Earlier on Wednesday, attorney general Venugopal, on the Rafale Deal, had said that documents were stolen before the lead bench by Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi.

During the hearing on the review petition of Rafale, he had said that the documents which are being referred by Prashant Bhushan, Yashwant Sinha and Arun Shourie are based on the stolen documents. Because on the basis of these documents some newspapers and news agencies had started the news.

After the attorney general’s statement, many questions were asked by the court

After this sensational information the Supreme Court Chief Justice Gogoi had asked himself that “Mr. Attorney When was this article printed in the media”? In response to this, the Attorney General had said that on May 8,

The court again asked that since then almost a month has passed since then. What action did you take in this matter? On this question, the Attorney General had said that the investigation is going on just now.

Opposition parties clash with Modi government

After that, discussions of theft of Rafale Deal documents from the media to the streets started to be discussed. The opposition parties have also attacked the Modi government very strongly. Congress President Rahul Gandhi had targeted the Modi government on the theft of such sensitive documents from Rafale Deal from the Ministry of Defense and demanded a probe into the matter. On the social media, the blame has also started.

At the same time, on the attack of opposition parties, Venugopal said, “I was told that the opposition has alleged that in the Supreme Court, the government argued that files of Rafale Deal were stolen from the Ministry of Defense. This is completely wrong. This statement that files have been stolen, is totally wrong. ‘

Documents leaked due to officers neglect

After two days the attorney general changed his statement and said that all the original documents of the process related to the Rafale deal are present in the file but in the way the media was shown to them and made public, it is clear that Photo of original documents is copied or photographed. Important documents of Rafale Deal files were leaked by the carelessness of officers.

He said that this was a violation of the Office of the Secret Act. The government will take action against the responsible officials after the investigation. The notice will also be given to the court. At the same time, official sources say that the use of the word “theft” by the Attorney General was “too strict” which could have avoided it.

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