Russian scientists demonstrate time reversal through quantum computer

You must have seen time machine in science fiction films, through which people travel in time. From Present to Future or present from to Past. In the science world, it was still like an imagination. But something like this has happened in a recent development or lets say that there has been a search similar to that.

Russian scientists have given Demonstration of Time Reversal through Quantum Computer. Now keep in mind that this has not happened in reality, that is, no one has traveled the time. Scientists have performed a demonstration and the surprise is that it is against the laws of physics.

Scientists from Moscow’s University of Physics and Technology, Russia, together with Switzerland and American researchers, have developed a virtual ‘time machine’. Quantum computer was used to make it.

Russia’s scientists have claimed that a time machine has been prepared which can reverse the time, but only for fraction of seconds, that too as an experiment and not in real life This has been done with the help of Quantum Computer. This alleged time machine can not be taken in past or future, but it is believed to be a big breakthrough for further research.

This new discovery is in contrast to the second law of thermodynamics. Because the second law of thermodynamics says that the things of this universe are decaying (elimination) over time. Even the sun too There are many examples of this that you see throughout the day. The first rule of this law is that energy can be neither be created nor destroyed, it can be transferred only.

These Russian scientists have claimed that they have defied this law of physics and have delayed the time.

What is Quantum Computer?

Generally whatever information or data you save or type in a common computer,  it is processed in bits i.e 0 and 1.

Quantum computers do not have bits, but there are cubits (quatum bits) and they are in the 0,1 form. For computing in general computers the information is generated through binary codes such as 0 or 1. While Quantum computing uses Qubits i.e. Superficial State of both 0,1 and 1 and 1 to show any information.

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