Tamannah Bhatia speaks up on relationship with Virat Kohli

At one time the news of the relationship between Virat Kohli and Tamannah Bhatia was in the limelight, but both have never commented on it. But Tamannah has recently spoken to this during an interview.
Tamannah told Virat about an interview with Filmfare, “I think during Ad shoot we said about 4 words to each other. After this I never met Virat and never spoke.”

Tamannah said praising Virat, “I would definitely say that Virat was better than all those actors with whom we work.” Tamannah and Virat had featured in a mobile ad in 2012. The news was coming for a few days that Tamannah is going to marry her USA-based physician boyfriend in 2019, but she calls these news a mere rumor.

Ready to break ‘No Kissing’ Contract for Hrithik

The Baahubali fame actress, who has a clause for not giving kissing scenes in the contract of her films, is ready to break the contract for actor Hrithik Roshan.

In an episode of the chat show ‘Famously Filmfare’ (Tamil), Tamannah said that if she ever gets an opportunity to work with Hrithik, then she is ready to break this rule for them.

She said, “I do not do kissing scenes on the screen. So this is actually a part of my contract. But, I keep telling jokes with my friends that yes I am ready to break the contract for Hrithik Roshan”

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