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UK Board Answer sheets go missing in Khatima

The answer papers of the Board Examination of Uttarakhand Education and Examination Council GGIC Center, Shaktifarm did not reach the compilation center at Khatima. Khatima Kotwali recorded a missing bundle on teacher’s application on Thursday night.

Till late Thursday night, there was a disturbance in the sub-compilation center due to missing case of high school math examination answer sheets. In the meantime it was discussed that, the teacher reached the compilation center but he had no bundle of answer book.

The Principal of Tharu GGIC immediately reported to the CEO about the missing answer sheets. Meanwhile, it was also discussed that the teacher had taken the bundle from Shaktifarm and the bundle remained in the bus. By eight o’clock the matter had reached Kotwali.

Last night, Kotwali SSI Devendra Gaurav told that Bodhiram, assistant teacher of Shaktifarm, handed over the missing complaint to the police. It was said that at three o’clock in the evening, he was boarding a private bus for Khatima with the answer sheet bundle. The bundle of answer sheets was lost during transport. How many booklets lost have not been mentioned in the application.

Under the board exam, the sub-compilation center has been built in Khatima. College Principal Santosh Kumar said that there are 28 examination centers under the sub-compilation center. These were the examinations of high school math on Thursday.

Answer papers are deposited till 4:30 p.m. and under special circumstances. Answer sheet of GGIC Shaktifarm center students of have not reached till the scheduled time on Thursday.

Meanwhile, the teacher reached Shaktifarm but did not submit the bundle. The bundle had not come even till 8:30 pm. Here, it is discussed in Shaktifarm that there was a bundle of about 38 copies.

Report of losing the bundle of answer booklets of the council examination center GGIC Shaktifarm has been lodged. The CEO of Udham Singh Nagar has been instructed to take action against the person responsible for the incident.

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