Woman and two children lose life after car catches fire in Delhi

A mother and her two children died after a fire in a car on the flyover in Yamuna Bank area of ​​East Delhi. According to the information, in the evening on Sunday evening, a family were traveling when their car suddenly caught fire.

The people around informed to the fire station and tried to extinguish the fire, but by then two children and a woman sitting in the car got into its grip and died on the spot.

A person and a child sitting in a driving seat came out of the car, which saved his life. At the same time, fire engines rushed to the spot and overwhelmed the fire in the car, while the police was investigating the case.

According to preliminary information, the fire in the moving car took place on the flyover near Yamuna Bank Depot. It is being said that the car had a CNG cylinder, which turned the car into a fire ball. During this time a man driving a car came out with a child, while a woman and two children got trapped inside and were burned alive.

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