Fire destroys roof of Notre Dame cathedral in Paris

The roof of famous cathedral of Notre-Dame Cathedral was burnt down on Monday night. The church located in Paris is an important center of Christian faith. Due to the flames of the fire, the church building built in the 13th century was damaged. Many leaders of the world, including American President Trump, France’s President Emmanuel Macron, have expressed deep sorrow on this incident. President Emmanuel Macron said in a very emotional message that “seeing a part of our existence burning up, he is suffering a lot.”

A fire broke out on Monday evening in this cathedral in the Landmark of Paris, and after seeing it spread all over the building. Soon the ceiling of this cathedral was broken by the heat of the fire, its upper part also got into its grip.

The people of Paris saw helplessly smoke and flames coming out of the scene. According to news agency Reuters, people living away from the church,saw this heartbreaking incident from the fifth floor. Eyewitnesses said, “I think the whole ceiling has been burnt, I have no hope of building.” As soon as the incident was reported, the French President Emmanuel Macron left for there. Meanwhile, he tweeted, “I am very sad today, like all the nationals. I am very sad to see that one part of us is burning” after this incident, he canceled the pre-scheduled program of addressing the country.

Officers and staff of the Fire Department of Paris tried to control the fire. First of all, they had evacuated the surrounding area. No one has reported any news of the injuries in the accident so far.

French junior interior minister Laurent Nunez said that it is too early to comment on the causes of the fire. France Police is believing it to be an accident.

It is being told that the repair work was going on in the cathedral and the reason for the fire could be the same. The Mayor of Paris said that there are many artistic works inside, it is actually a tragedy. This heritage of Paris is one of the oldest cathedrals in the world. Every year, millions of people come here from around the world. The carving and artwork of this building are awe-inspiring. This church has also been declared as World Heritage site by UNESCO.

US President and Vice President also tweeted on this event. Donald Trump said that the fire of the Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris is terrible, perhaps it can be extinguished using the Flying Water Tanker, something should be done immediately.

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