First image of black hole captured on camera

Black hole image has been captured by astronomers for the first time. This is the first time in human history that we can see the real picture of Black Hole. This object, which can be said to be the most powerful of the Universe, was only assumed till date, but now we have its photos available. In its real picture it looks like a dust and gas halo, the outline is visible in the black color around it. It is 87 galaxy and 55m light-years away from our planet Earth.

A Black Hole is seen in the middle of the Galaxy Messier 87 in the picture. It is 53 million light-years away from Earth. According to the estimate Horizon Telescope researchers, this black hole is 6 billion times larger than our sun. Event Horizon Telescope was used to take pictures of this Black Hole. This telescope is not a single telescope but it refers 8 radio telescopes. They were installed on 5 continents. It was installed in April 2017 for a week by targeting the same area of ​​space from different places.

An old or traditional telescope would have to be at least the size of the Earth to take a picture of such a Black Hole. According to a project scientist from Event Horizon Telescope, you actually see this picture only when your eyes were as big as the Earth and were observing on the radio. None of the different telescopes have taken their picture. By combining all efforts and collecting the data, it can be seen in M87.

Einstein first came up with the concept of black holes in his Theory of Relativity. However, Einstein himself was confused by whether or not they existed or not. Astronomers have started searching for it since then.

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