London becomes first city to charge air pollution 24×7

United Kingdom’s capital London has become the first city to charge air pollution for seven days a week. Under this, London is aiming to become the world’s lowest emission zone. Vehicles coming within this area must meet strict emission standards or pay the fee.

London’s Mayor Sadiq Khan’s office informed on Monday about the ULEZ area. Its aim is to reduce toxic air pollution and protect public health in the region.

The office told that the vehicles are responsible for half of the emissions of harmful nitrogen oxides in the British capital. This increases the risk of asthma, cancer and dementia, as well as every year it causes the death of thousands of people due to premature death.

Under the new rules introduced on April 8, there will be a fee of $ 16 for cars, van and motorbikes and 130 dollars per day for trucks, buses and coaches.

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