Nagar Nigam Dehradun offers 25 percent rebate in house tax in April 2019

The Nagar Nigam Dehradun will give five per cent additional rebate in the first month of the financial year in addition to a 20 per cent rebate on house tax deposits. Five percent additional tax rebate will be available separately till April 30. People have started depositing in the House Tax Corporation of this financial year. Although few people are depositing the tax. Under the municipal rules, twenty percent exemption was given to deposit house tax. According to the municipal officials, there will be five percent additional exemption in tax collection till April 30.

90 thousand tax holders have been registered: According to the records of municipalities, about ninety thousand tax holders are in the present time. Although the corporation believes that there will be hardly any ward from the old sixty wards of the city, from which all the tax has come. All the people of the wards have not come under the purview of tax. Therefore, the figure of ninety thousand is likely to increase further.

Online house tax possibility soon

The arrangement for submission of depositing house tax online is expected to start soon. The municipal corporation has completed the related formalities with the bank. Probably next week this facility can be available for the people of Dehradun. In such a situation, people will be able to deposit house tax online. Apart from this, the municipal corporation and the bank will also have the option of tax collection. The taxpayers will be able to pay taxes according to their convenience.

Exempt will not be given to defaulters

25 percent discount in House Tax is for new building owners who have deposited the tax in the previous fiscal year. Those who did not give house tax in the last financial year. They have to pay a house tax this year along with the penalty. The rest of the people who are giving tax in the new financial year and those who do not have any dues will get Extra 5% discount with 20% discount till April 30th.

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