Traffic plan for PM Modi visit to Dehradun on April 5

On Friday, around the Parade Ground in the city, there will be traffic diversion in many areas including Garhi. This system will be held due to the public rally of PM Modi in Dehradun on April 5. Traffic diversion plan can run from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. PM’s chopper will land in GTC helipad for public meeting. From there, he will reach Parade Ground by road and after the public meeting, he will go to GTC Helipad. Other parking spots: The general four-wheeler vehicle will be parked at Rangers Ground, Mangla Devi School, Pavilion Ground, Bannu School, Bannu Gurudwara, Director Forest Office. Two-wheeler Viswanath service will be parked in empty ground parade ground and old prison parking. VVIP vehicles will be parked behind the dias. The vehicles of the press will be parked in Dunga House parking. The vehicles of the legislators will be parked behind the water tank at parade ground.

Traffic Diversion plan in the city

  • No vehicle will go towards GTC Helipad from Doon School Tri junction and Oil Bhawan Cut.
  • No vehicles will be moved to New Cantt House or CSD canteen from Circuit House Chowki.
  • Vehicles from Vijay Colony bridge will not move towards annexe.
  • None of the vehicles from Survey of India Hathibakkara Gate will go towards Hathibarkala or Kalidas Road.
  • Vehicles coming from Kalidas road will be stopped after 50 meters behind the Kalidas trijunction.
  • Vehicles coming to Eucalyptus Road , Beni Bazar, DAV Cut, Survey Chowk will be stopped by imposing a barrier before 50 meters when needed.
  • Thirteen barriers will be installed at Survey Chowk, Cross Road, Dwarka Store, Aaraghar Chowk, T-Junction, Dharmapur Mandi, Fowara Chowk,  Doval Chowk, Kidduvala Trijunction, Chakki No. 4, Shiv Mandir Tiraha, Maharana Pratap Chowk,Thano Chowk , Old airport .

Route of buses coming in the public meeting

  • Buses coming to Rispna bridge will be parked in empty space near Gurdwara after dropping passengers at Dharmpur Chowk, Agrawal Bakery, Gurunanak Chowk, .
  • Buses coming from Thano Road will be parked in empty ground near Gurudwara via Six Number Pulia, Fawara Chowk, Agrawal Bakery, Gurunank Chowk.
  • Buses coming from Chakrata Road will be parked at Ballupur Chowk ferrying passengers from Clocktower, Darshanlal Chowk, Lansdowne Chowk returning via Buddha Chowk, MKP, Racecourse Chowk, Bannu Chowk.
  • The buses coming from ISBT will be parked in the empty ground near Gurudwara via Kargi chowk, old bypass chowk thirah, mata temple road, Dharmpur chowk, agarwal bakery and guranank chowk.
  • Buses coming from Rajpur road will be parked at Mangala Devi School Ground, situated near Survey Chowk, from Dilaram Chowk, Eucalyptus Chowk.
  • If the vehicles coming in the rally are parked on the roadside then the police will take action.

City bus route on April 5

  • City buses coming from ISBT will be rolled back from Tahsil Chowk.
  • City buses going to Rajpur road will go towards Rajpur through Darshanlal Chowk via clocktower.
  • City buses coming from Raipur Road will be turned back from Sahastradhara crossing.

Here will be Barrier

Survey Chowk, Manoj Clinic, Buddha Chowk, Darshan Lal Chowk, Orient Chowk, Pacific Trijunction, Employment Trijunction, Kanak Chowk, Dounga House, Lansdowne Chowk, Convent Tirara.

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