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World’s coolest job: Billionaire offers 52000 dollars for personal assitant

Walking around new places every day, getting salaries in lakhs, getting home, getting health benefits, plus full travel expenses. If you want such a dream job, just look at this video. 26 year old billionaire Matthew Lepre has taken out a job called ‘World’s Coolest Job’.


E-commerce billionaire Matthew Lepre has 4 online companies and is looking for a personal assistant. Who could help him manage the team. For this, the billionaire is ready to pay $ 52,000 i.e  Rs 25.75 lakh approx.

Along with millions of salaries, Personal Assistant will also get Health Benefits, Travel Expenses and a place to stay.

After this job post of Matthew Lepre, more than 40 thousand people have applied. The special thing is that 75 percent of the candidates candidates are females aged 23 to 37 years old.

Requirement for job

Matthew told Dailymail that, “Candidates should have a good knowledge of computers, Expert in social media, must have organizational skills, be keen to learn and ambitious. The applicant should have a knowledge of what I do, for that they can see my YouTube channel. “

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