World’s largest airplane test flight successful

The world’s largest aircraft, Stratolaunch, flew for the first time in California on Saturday. It was tested for about two and a half hours to measure up to the desert. There are six Boeing 747 engines in it. The wingspan of the plane is more than a football field.

A company named Stratolaunch has made it. One of the biggest software maker companies, Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, founded the company in 2011. Stratolaunch has created the world’s largest plane based on the width of the wings. Virgin Galactic, the British billionaire Richard Branson, has also made an aircraft that can send rocket to space orbit from the height.

Pilot calls its amazing

Airplane pilot Ian Thomas told reporters that it was amazing and as expected the plane flew in the same way. According to the Stratolaunch website, like commercial flight today has become a norm in the same way flying in space is the aim.

With a Wing span of 385 feet long aircraft are as big as a football field This aircraft, reached the height of 15 thousand feet, in its first flight

The cost of launching the satellite will be reduced

  • The plane is actually designed as the launch pad of the satellite
  • This will help rockets and satellites reach the orbit in space.
  • If the plan is successful, the cost of leaving the satellite will also be reduced
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