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Role of youth in making India a Superpower

40% Indians fall under the youth category

To quote from a famous Bollywood film, “koi desh perfect nahi hota use perfect banana hota hai”, meaning no nation is perfect but it is made perfect by its people. And what better way to do it than by promoting the youth of the country. A nation’s youth are its most valuable asset. Youth are not only the future of a nation but also partners of today. The youth have to be guided in a proper manner so as to shape India’s path towards becoming a superpower. The desire, enthusiasm, motivation, curiosity & determination of the youth if used properly can take the nation to greater heights. The youth of a nation is like unmolded clay, it is thus highly important that this clay be properly handled so that it becomes a masterpiece in the future. There was a time when the youth actively took part in the freedom movement and served the nation. Today however, due to globalization thinking of the youths has changed. Most of them want to complete their education in India and hope of getting a “white collar” job in the western countries; this is causing some serious brain drain in the country. India has the second largest population in the world, but more importantly 40% of those people fall under the age group of 20-35 years. India has many renowned colleges and universities for imparting better education to the youth. It is thus important that proper education be given to them so that they become specialists in their fields and thus help in development of the nation. It is also important that enough jobs are made available for these people to prevent brain drain.

Need to channelize the youth in the right direction

For making India a superpower the youth must contribute in every field be it education, sports or politics. Being a nation obsessed with cricket, most of the sports in India are often neglected. But youths like Saina Nehwal, Pankaj Advani, Vijender Kumar etc. have shown a ray of hope to other youth of the nation to come forward and make India proud in other sports. For improving the sports standard in India the main people to look up to are the policy makers of the country, unfortunately very few politicians fall under this “youth” category. The major reason for this could be the image of politics amongst the people. Whenever the term politics is used the first thing that comes to mind is corruption. This is one of the major reasons of the youth showing little interest in joining politics. I think the youth are full of idealism. They can use their idealism to fight the evils that are eating into the vitals of the nation. These evils include corruption, black marketing, communalism, terrorism, and the dowry system. If these evils are eradicated, the nation will start progressing rapidly on the course of development.

As the citizens of India, all of us have the responsibility to respect the heritage and culture of our country. So the youth should take part in promoting national integration. In older times the views and opinions of the youth were often neglected as they were considered naïve, and people who took decisions emotionally rather than rationally. But in today’s scenario due to the internet boom the youth of today is more aware of his/her surroundings than ever before. The most important role in the development of youth is the influence of their parents, thus it is the duty of the parents to ensure proper development of their children so that they become leaders of tomorrow and take India towards achieving its goal of becoming a superpower. National development is like a relay race. The old generation passes on the baton to the waiting team. It is therefore very important that this waiting team is properly trained to take the team past the finishing line.

Gone are the days of the youth being ignorant of the developments around the world the youth of today have the power of internet and social networking sites through which they can express their ideas views on certain topics related to the society. If thoughts are given to their ideas then it would be highly beneficial for making India a superpower. Young people have energy to try out things and the patience to learn from mistakes. Giving them opportunities to plan, to decide and to work prepares them to face harsher realities in life. The youth of today can help tremendously in boosting the economy of the nation. Many individuals guided by the joys and fearlessness of youth are becoming entrepreneurs and are coming up with innovative solutions to help the society.

In the words of Mr. Kofi Annan addressing to the World Conference of Ministers Responsible for Youth at Lisbon in 1998, “No one is born a good citizen; no nation is born in a democracy. Rather, both are processes that continue to evolve over a lifetime. Young people must be included from birth. A society that cuts itself off from its youth severs its life line; it is condemned to bleed to death”. Thus, “youngistan” will play a key role in making India a superpower.

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