CBSE class XII accounts paper leaked on Whatsapp

The CBSE Class 12 Accountancy exam’s question paper was leaked this morning via instant messaging app WhatsApp.The question paper reportedly matches set II of the CBSE’s Accountancy question paper. Meanwhile, CBSE said an expert committee will investigate how the leak occurred.

Delhi’s Education Minister Manish Sisodia has confirmed that the paper which was being circulated since the evening on social media, the same questions were asked in set-2 of today’s paper. It is being said that the questions of the paper were being shared on social media last evening.

According to Indian Express Manish Sisodia has said to have asked Secretary and Directorate of Education to investigate the matter. However, the CBSE has not released any information regarding the paper leak. Significantly, the board examinations began on March 5 and today the 12th board accounts exam was held. This time the students were not happy with the paper schedule also.

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  1. there sgould be retest of accountancy as it is parcial for the students of class 12.some of the students got paper one day before exam.tgeee should be retest of accountancy

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