Cricket fraternity stands by Phil Hughes

Batsman remains in critical condition after being hit by a bouncer

Sydney: Australian cricketer Phil Hughes sustained a very serious head injury after being hit by a bouncer. Phil was playing in the New South Wales vs South Australia match to book his spot for the upcoming test series against India. Hughes had complied 63 runs when the tragic event occurred. The southpaw tried to play a bouncer from Sean Abott but was early into the shot. As a result he suffered a blow to the back of the head. Minutes later the Hughes crashed face first into the ground and laid there motionless. He was then stretchered out to the boundary area. NSW doctor John Orchard was present on the scene to treat the injured batsmen. In the meantime three ambulances and a medevac helicopter arrived at the SCG. At around 3:05pm (almost 40 minutes after the impact) it was decided to airlift Hughes St Vincent’s Hospital.

The 25 year old Australian batsman was on ventilator en route to the hospital where he underwent surgery after a series of scans. South Australia’s performance manager Tim Nielsen said that Hughes was still in a critical condition and that the outcome of the surgery is likely to be known for the next 24-48 hours. Hughes was put on life support after the surgery to ease the pressure in his brain due to the injury.

This incident has put into light the vulnerabilities of the cricket helmet. Fans and cricketers from all over the world have wished the batsmen a speedy recovery. Both the team players will receive counseling sessions to overcome the traumatic incident.

Phil Hughes has been part of the Australian squad for 26 test matches and 25 ODIs. He last played a test for the Aussies in the 2013 Ashes.

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