Kiran Bedi: BJP’s CM candidate for Delhi elections

New Delhi: Ending all speculations the Bharitiya Janta Party announced Kiran Bedi as their CM candidate ahead of the Delhi Assembly elections. Making the announcement after a meeting of the BJP Parliamentary Board, party president Amit Shah said the decision of fielding 65-year-old Bedi was “unanimous”.

From Officer to Activist

“Kiran Bedi is the first lady IPS officer in India” most of us would have mugged up that answer ahead of our GK exams, and making her the face of their election campaign could prove to be a master stroke by the BJP. Bedi, who joined the BJP recently stating that she shares the Prime Minister’s vision of making Delhi a world class city was one of the pioneers in the movement started by Anna Hazare for the implementation of the Jan Lokpal Bill.
Arvind Kejriwal challenges for a Public Debate
“Congrats 4 being nominated as BJP’s CM candidate. I invite u 4 a public debate moderated by neutral person n telecast by all,” Aam Aadmi Party Chief Arvind Kejriwal wrote on this twitter feed. Kejriwal further tweeted, “Kiranji, i used to follow u on twitter. Now, u have blocked me on twitter. Kindly unblock me.”
Responding to Arvind Kejriwal’s challenge for a public debate, Kiran Bedi said she is ready for a debate, but will debate only on the floor of the House.”I believe in delivery of goals, programmes, vision, services, while Kejriwal believes in debates,” she said.

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