Published On: Fri, May 29th, 2015

Google gives a teaser of Android M

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M is for more performance and an improved user experience

At its I/O 2015 annual developer conference, Google announced a slew of features that will soon make their way to the next version of company’s mobile operating system, Android (dubbed Android M). Android M is expected come with granular app permissions that will let users control which resources and information an app can access. Android M is also expected to improve upon the battery life and RAM usage of Android smartphones.

Android M focuses on users privacy

Google’s making permissions and app privacy a huge focus with Android M. When developers start writing apps for the new OS, you’ll be prompted to grant access to contacts, photos, your location, and other information only when those apps actually need it.

Google gears up for the next billion

“The first billion users of the Internet came online through desktops. The next billion are taking a different path to computing—coming online through mobile and smartphones—and present a unique set of opportunities and challenges. We’re working hard on ensure these people have a great experience across our products.

In addition to making devices more affordable with Chromebooks and Android One (now in seven countries), we’re making changes to ensure that our software works even where there aren’t great Internet connections. We’ve launched a streamlined version of our Search results page in 13 countries, and 73 million people now use data saver mode in Chrome to browse the web more efficiently. Finally, we previewed the new offline maps—that’s right, and it’s as simple as it sounds—maps that you can take offline, even with turn-by-turn directions.” Read the official Android blog post of the world’s biggest search engine.

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