Published On: Tue, Aug 18th, 2015

Customers make a beeline to catch a glimpse of “McDonald’s Goddess”

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“McDonald’s Goddess” That’s the name that’s been given to McDonald’s worker, who has people flocking to see her in real life after she became an online viral star.
Wei Han Xu, also known as Weiwei, has soared to online fame after she was noticed under the golden arches in Taiwan. Wei Wei whose age is unknown, is a college student and model who’s been working at Mickey D’s for five years. Her looks have made her famous enough to land a couple of talk show appearances as well as 86,000 Facebook likes and 32,000 Instagram followers.

She was reportedly discovered working in a McDonald’s in the city of Kaohsiung last week by blogger and artist ‘RainDog’. The post received more than 6000 likes within a day, with an Instagram page in tribute to Wei-han, or ‘Weiwei’ as she has been dubbed, attracting more than 35,000 followers. Followers of Weiwei in Kaohsiung are now scrambling to find out the branch where she works in the hopes of getting a peek at the wide-eyed waitress.

McDonald’s is well-known in Taiwan for encouraging staff to dress up as maids, sailors, nurses, and other outfits as a marketing gimmick.

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