Published On: Sun, Aug 9th, 2015

Kejriwal lays down the gauntlet for Modi: Either do our work or let us work

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New Delhi: Addressing at a public event in Burari, Kejriwal differentiated the pace at which the AAP and BJP works. “We are working 24 hours, but BJP is seeking vengeance. Every month they take away one of our MLAs. The entire Delhi Police has been deployed to arrest our MLAs. The police have no time to safeguard women in the city,” he said.

All our MLA’s ready to work even from Tihar : CM Kejriwal

Taking a dig at BJP for arresting 3 of its MLA’s Delhi Chief Minister mockingly said, “In six months they have arrested three of our MLAs. But we have 64 more MLAs and at this pace they won’t be able to arrest all of us even in 10 years. Delhi Police is after our MLAs, it has no time for people’s security. I have told them, all of us will surrender and work from Tihar,” he said.

Stating that the BJP has devoted all its energy into thwarting AAP rather than focusing on issues like women’s safety and corruption, Kejriwal said that this government has dedicated day and night in the service of the people of Delhi.

Taking a swipe at Prime Minster Narendra Modi, Kejriwal said how the anti-corruption force has been corrupted by the former’s resources.

“On 8th June, PM Modi sent his paramilitary force to take control over our anti-corruption force. In three months of our time, we were able to arrest more than 50 corrupt officers. We had struck fear into their hearts. But since the two months that Modi ji has taken over, not a single officer has been arrested,” he said.

The Delhi CM also used the occasion to apprise people of the “unprecedented” work done by his government in the health, and power sectors, in giving compensation to farmers, in developing unauthorised colonies in first six months in office.

“The BJP’s job is to create trouble, ours is to keep working. Either do our work or let us do our work but don’t be an obstruction,” Kejriwal said at the event.

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