Published On: Wed, Aug 5th, 2015

Militant caught in J&K, interrogation on

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Jammu: Barely nine days after a terror attack in Punjab’s Gurdaspur, Pakistan-based militants attacked a BSF patrol party in Jammu & Kashmir’s Udhampur and killed two jawans.

The security forces succeeded in neutralizing one attacker and managed to arrest, with the help of villagers, the other militant alive.
It is the second incident in which a terrorist has been captured alive. Ajmal Kasab was the first terrorist to be caught alive during the 2008 Mumbai terror attacks.

In a videotaped first interrogation on the hilltop where he was caught, the terrorist, said to be in his early 20’s identified himself as Kasim Khan and seemed remarkably unperturbed at being captured and smiled as he answered questions thrown at him by the many cops who surrounded him.

“There was just the two of us. We’ve been here for 12 days,” he said.
He said they had “come through the jungles,” and added wryly, “Which bus would come here?” when asked how they had travelled. The terrorist revealed that they finished the food they had carried with them in the first three days and that they broke into a house for more.

Sources further added that the injured eleven BSF troopers presently hospitalized at military hospital (MH) in Udhampur have been identified as: Constable KP Singh (No 940010626), H/C Mohan Lal (No 8904807), Constable DB Mandal (No 95032323) Constable Rajeev (No 03401187), Constable OM Prakash Gautam (No 940677180) Constable Mahesh Chauhan (No 91488625), Constable Rakesh Sharma (No 94254902), H/C Lalit Mohan (No 912541419), Constable DP Gupta, H/C Daljit Singh (No 890049941) and Constable Rajesh Bhai (No 971299920).

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