Published On: Tue, Aug 4th, 2015

Pak official reveals 26/11 Mumbai attacks were “planned and launched” from Pakistan

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A revelation involving Pakistan’s hand in the 26/11 Mumbai attacks has come into light after it was published in the editorial column of a prominent newspaper in Pakistan. Tariq Khosa, the investigator who headed Pakistan’s probe into the 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks, has said in an editorial in the Dawn newspaper that the attack was “planned and launched” from Pakistani soil.

Tariq Khosa, who was made head of the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) weeks after the assault that killed 166 people, said Pakistan has to deal with the fallout of the attacks and this will require “facing the truth and admitting mistakes”.

The training camp near Thatta in Sindh province, where the LeT terrorists were trained and launched by sea, was identified and secured by investigators. The casings of explosive devices used in Mumbai were recovered from the same training camp and duly matched. The fishing trawler used by the attackers for hijacking an Indian trawler, in which they sailed to Mumbai, was brought back to a Pakistani harbour, painted and concealed. But it was recovered by investigators and connected to the accused, Khosa wrote in an article in the Dawn newspaper.

The retired official said that the Mumbai case was unique, and that proving conspiracy in a different jurisdiction was more complex and required a far superior quality of evidence. “Therefore, the legal experts from both sides need to sit together rather than sulk and point fingers.”

Khosa asked: “Are we as a nation prepared to muster the courage to face uncomfortable truths and combat the demons of militancy that haunt our land?”

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