Published On: Thu, Aug 6th, 2015

Truck runs over student in Rudrapur

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Rudrapur: A speeding truck ran over a student at the Kashipur bye pass road. The student gravely injured her leg in the accident. Locals started protesting against the driver who sped away. This further angered the mob who protested in the middle of the street. According to reports, Kajal a student studying in 11th standard at Gurunanak Girls College in the city was going towards her home after school when a speeding truck hit and ran over her leg.

Locals rushed to the aid of the injured girl and took her to the hospital, the people also tried to nab the culprit driver but he ran away. The people started shouting slogans against the police and alleged that the cop on duty took a bribe to allow entry to the truck in the no entry zone. The SSI of the area reached the spot on hearing the news and took notice of the situation. He suspended the cop on duty and assured the people of swift action. Meanwhile the MLA of the area also arrived on the scene and asked for a compensation for the injured student.

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