Published On: Sun, Jan 10th, 2016

Facial recognition system to be deployed at Ardh kumbh

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Facial recognition system to identify suspect terrorists at Ardh kumbh

For the first time, Uttarakhand police will use a hi-tech facial recognition system capable of spotting terrorists and suspects in a crowd as part of security measures at Ardh Kumbh.

The security authorities at Ardh Kumbh will take photos of terrorists from the Intelligence Bureau database and feed it to the application, which would be linked to CCTV cameras. The system raises an alarm if a person whose photos is fed is seen in the video footage.

“We will soon be getting photographs of terrorists and for the first time ever, we will be using facial recognition system in Uttarakhand,” DGP Uttarakhand B S Sidhu told TOI.

He pointed out that people have different facial expressions and the system maintains a record of that and various other parameters to identify a person. “Our teams are ready and well trained to handle the application,” Sidhu said.

Security measures being taken at the Ardh Kumbh were discussed on Saturday at an inter-state coordination committee meeting held in the city control room. Senior administrative, police and railway officers from Uttar Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, Haryana, Delhi and Uttarakhand attended the meeting. The meeting focused on how to ensure better coordination between police and various government departments engaged in the mela work and also among the police from various states for smooth conduct of the festival.

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