Published On: Fri, Jan 12th, 2018

Congress workers burn effigy of PM Modi to oppose FDI

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Haldwani: Congress workers have become assertive in opposing Centers 100 percent FDI in retail sector decision. Congress workers burnt the effigy of Prime Minister in Tikonia in protest

On Friday afternoon, workers under the leadership of Mahanagar Congress President Rahul Chhimwal and Mandi Committee president Sumit Hridayesh raised slogans against the central government. Sumit said that when the matter of FDI in retail came in during the UPA tenure, the BJP came down in protest.

Now 100 percent of its support has been approved. Workers said that this will cause the crisis of bread bread in front of small businessmen. The business class is still recuperating by notebans and GST. The central government is deciding the policy to benefit big business people only. This situation is not well for the country. Among the effigy of the effigy were Suhail Siddiqui, Mayank Bhatt, Hemant Baghwal, Mukul Balutia etc.

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