Sunny Leone reaches Uttarakhand to shoot Splitsvilla 11

Sunny Leone, the Bollywood actress and reality TV show host reached the spot where she had immersed the ashes of her parents. Sunny shared some pictures on her Instagram account. Sunny Leone has shared many photos on her Instagram account, in which she is appearing with her children Asher and Noah born with two surrogacy. Sunny Leone also wrote on her social media account, “She is going to work on her new projects.” However, she did not confirm this yet. Sunny wrote on her post, “After all, my children got a chance to greet my parents (Sunny Leone’s Parents) on Ganga Ghat, where we immersed their ashes. Soon, I am going to start a new project and we got their blessings here.
The 11th season of the Splitsvilla series, which is scheduled to start on MTV, is going to start. Sunny Leone has been host to this program for many years. Ranvijay Singh, who is also the winner of ‘Roadies’ co-hostsĀ  Splitsvilla with Sunny Leon.

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