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Nirav Modi accused of selling fake diamonds to Canadian youth

Nirav Modi, accused in the PNB scam, has been duping people abroad too. A report has emerged, in which Neerav Modi sold 36-year-old Paul Alfonso, a resident of Canada, a fake diamond ring worth 2 million dollars (about 1.5 crore rupees).

Paul has accused Nirav Modi that he sold him fake diamond rings. Paul bought these rings for his fiancĂ©. According to a report of ‘South China Morning Post’, Paul says that he met Nirav Modi several times and his meetings turned into friendship. During this, Nirav told him everything about himself, due to which Paul began to trust Nirav. When Paul came to know that Nirav is a diamond businessman, he talked about making the best ring for his fiancĂ©. Paul told that he was not aware of Nirav’s involvement in the bank scam.

After this, Nirav took Paul into his trap and said that the rings built by him are among the world’s most expensive rings. Nirav also asked Paul that he would be providing certificate of authenticity for the ring. According to Paul, the first ring he bought was 3.2 carat, and it’s price was about 1.25 million dollars. After this, he offered to buy another 2.5 carat ring, which cost $ 80 thousand.
After this Paul bought both rings. But now they have come to know that Nirav has cheated them. These two rings, which Nirav sold by telling about crores of rupees, are fake.

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