T-18 officially becomes the fastest train in India

T-18 capable of reaching speeds of 180kmph

India’s first unmanned train ‘T-18’ is now ready to run on the tracks. Railway Minister Piyush Goyal has also announced this train as the fastest train in the country. That is, it would be a matter of history for Indian trains infamous for their sluggish speed. On Wednesday, Piyush Goyal tweeted a video that saw the train running at 180 km per hour. The railway minister said it was the biggest demand of time.

At the same time, the Chief Commissioner of Railway Safety has given permission to run Train-18 at a speed of 160 Km / h with the right conditions. However, the fencing will be arranged to strengthen the edges on which the train runs.

Soon the service will be started by the common people. Prime Minister Narendra Modi will show it green flag, after which the train will depart from Delhi to Varanasi. These trains will go to Varanasi via Allahabad.
Train 18 is completely Made in India. This train has been prepared for just Rs 100 crore, which will replace the luxury trains like Shatabdi Express. This train has been built in the Integral Coach Factory in Chennai.

Over the past several days, it was being tested at different routes, in which it proved successful. During the test several times the speed of the train was above 160 KMH and reached 180. Once the train is fully utilized, it will be expanded on many routes.

Integral Coach Factory aims to create 5 more such trains in 2019-20. There are a total of 16 coaches in this train, from normal Shatabdi train, this train will take 15% less time. This train has been prepared within just 18 months.

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