Google employee creates world record in calculation of Pi

Emma Haruka, employee of tech giant Google, has made a world record in the calculation of pie. Japan’s Emma calculated the number of searches made with Google’s cloud computing service up to 31 trillion points. Earlier, Pi was calculated to 22 trillion points.

This calculation required 170 terabytes (TB) data. In addition, with the help of 25 virtual machines, complete calculation can be done in 121 days. That much data is equivalent to 2 million songs.

The pi is the number found on dividing the perimeter of the circle with its diameter. Its starting point 3.14 is well known but in its entire value the number of digits is very high. It is very difficult to expand the known sequence of digits in pi because it does not follow any fixed order or pattern.

Pi is used in engineering, physics, super computing and space research because it can be used to calculate waves, circles and cylinders.

Calculating the detailed form of pi has long been prevalent among mathematicians. According to Emma, ​​he was attracted to Pi since childhood. Emma said, ‘I am very surprised. I am still trying to understand the reality. Making a world record was a very difficult task. ‘ Emma said, ‘There is no end to pi, I will try to expand it.’

Google shared this news on Pi Day (March 14) through a blog. Due to the value of Pi 3.14 it is celebrated on 14th March. The first digit of the value of pi 3 represents the third month of the year i.e March and the 14th after the decimal.

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