Weightlifter Sanjita Sanu fails dope test

Sanjita Chanu, who won gold medal for India in Gold Coast Commonwealth Games, has failed in the past. A drug named ‘Anabolic Steroid Testosterone’ has been found in the sample of Sanjita, who had bagged gold medal in 53 kg category,. As a result, the International Weightlifting Federation (IWF) has suspended her temporarily.

Sanjita Chanu faces a ban of upto 4 years

Sanjita Chanu, who put the name of India in the medals tally on the second day of the Gold Coast, may have a big problem in the dope test. The Federation says that if Chanu is found guilty in case of dope, then she can be banned for four years. The federation told on its website that Sanjita’s sample has been found to be positive for restricted anabolic steroids. Sanjita won gold medal in 53 kg weight categories of women of Commonwealth Games. The federation said in a statement, “IWF has found Sanjita Chanu fail in dope test. As a result, she has been temporarily suspended for violating anti-doping rules. However, it has not been confirmed yet that these drugs have been found in her samples during Commonwealth Games or during any other competition. The IWF did not give other details such as the doping test sample date and said, ‘IWF will not comment unless the matter is concluded.’

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