Former driver sues Trump for non payment of overtime dues

Noel Cintron, who had been a driver for nearly 20 years for Donald Trump, who is the current President of the United States has sued his former employee. Cintron says that he used to work for 55 hours in a week and used to reach work every morning at seven o’clock. But on Monday’s President Trump’s former driver charged him with notices of overtime, sending him a legal notice.

In a lawsuit filed on Monday, Cintron has accused Trump and his organization about $ 1,60,000 damages accusing them of not giving over $ 3,000 as overtime money. According to the lawsuit, Trump and his business organization have fooled Cintron with respect to sick days, leaves and expenses for years and ignored his increase in his salary for more than a decade.

Cintron, 59, is currently living in Queens, and many such complaints have been done by many other employees working for Trump. In which it has been said that they worked for trump for years but were given less remuneration or their work was not adequately respected. Two lawyers of the Trump organization did not respond to the lawsuit filed in Supreme Court in Manhattan. However, company spokesman Amanda Miller told Bloomberg News that Trump has always paid his employees according to the law.

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