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Husband divorces wife after she claims Ronaldo to be better than Messi

Although the two Superstar players from Portugal, Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi of Argentina have been out of the FIFA World Cup being played in Russia, their legion of fans are forever involved in the GOAT (Greatest of All Time) debate. There is a long debate over who is the best footballer of today’s era. Some people believe that Ronaldo is better than Messi, while some say that Messi is the best. Now it is normal to have a general debate, but a Russian couple took the debate quite personally, so much so that the husband sent a divorce notice to his wife over the issue.
This is the case of Russia where the World Cup is being played. On 26 June, Argentina and Nigeria played in a match, in which Argentina won 2-1. After the victory of Messi’s team, a person named Arsen started celebrating. Arsen was happy with Messi’s performance, in between, his wife told him that Ronaldo is better than Messi.

He was constantly being teased, but what little did she know how big a dispute can be with these things. Angry with his wife, Arsen left the house in anger. The talk did not end here and in the morning, the man sent a divorce notice to his wife. In an interview given to the Russian media, Arsen said that he and his wife Lyudmila met in the 2002 World Cup for the first time. During this the two fell in love, after which the two got married. While speaking on the incident, he said that his wife was constantly teasing him in the name of Messi. She was constantly taunting Messi’s missed penalties against Iceland. Because of that he decided to leave his home and his wife.

Talking about the performances of Portugal and Argentina in this tournament, Messi’s team lost out to France 4-3 in the pre-quarterfinals, then Uruguay broke the hopes of Ronald winning the World Cup. Uruguay beat Portugal 2-1. Now both star players missed the World Cup trophy. The belief is that this was the last opportunity for Ronaldo and Messi to win the World Cup, because Messi 36 and Ronaldo will turn 37 by the next World Cup.

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