Air India plane has narrow escape after landing on wrong runway in Maldives

Air India flight survived a potential disastrous accident on Friday September 7. The plane made a landing on the runway under construction  at Velana International Airport in the Maldives. However fortunately, tragedy was averted.

The runway on the runway of Maldives was ‘non operational’ and construction work was underway. Although two tires of the aircraft exploded after landing, all the passengers traveling in it were safe.

Air India flight AI 263 left for Maldives on Friday. According to the reports, due to the wrong instruction given to the pilot, the aircraft landed on a runway which was not functional. The construction work of this runway is underway.
The aircraft with which this incident took place had 136 passengers onboard. This error could have caused a major accident, but the plane was safetly taken off the runway by the pilot. Two tires of the aircraft were completely torn apart but passengers were safely taken out.

A senior official of the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) said that the Aircraft Accidental Investigation Bureau (AAIB) has been informed about this because it is a serious incident. A senior Air India official said that this aircraft landed on VT EXL Malé Airport under construction runway.

Referring to the preliminary report, the spokesperson said, “It may have happened because of the fact that the pilots have gone on the wrong runway, they should have put on the brakes.” DGCA official said that both the pilots have been removed from the roster.

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